the european multiple choice identity project
The Past
Wim Kratsborn describes the meaning of his film ‘Hard to become who you are’ as a wake-up call for the youth of today in Europe and the Arab world. It’s a long story because there’s a lot to tell. The film is a passion-driven learning journey including music, history, philosophy, economy, education, social media and digital design. It is also innovative, using brain-based learning, (post)-digital learning and multiple learning from different perspectives, intelligences and disciplines. The main source of inspiration for this film is teaching young people at the Hanze University, Groningen and in Europe and the Arab world for 41 years, He was project-leader of the international educational K4-project To-Gather 2006-2011 and cooperates in the network of CiCe for more than 15 years. To-Gather was sponsored by the European Commission and realized in 10 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, England, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Turkey and Hungary. Since 2010 To-Gather also cooperated with the Arab world (Syria and Egypt). As good practice booklets with learning journeys and music are created. The three booklets are designed for education including basic knowledge, activities, images, links, design and music. Especially for the film the book ‘Hard to become who you are’ will be written, including the ‘To-Gather App’, GLO-maker and ‘Oculus Rift.


To-Gather Festivals



  • Passenger in Time
  • ‘Youth of today’
  • ‘Come to gather’
  • ‘Faiza sometimes’
  • ‘Circle of the square’



The European VITA AWARD for informal learning (9-10-2013)