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Trailer – Hard to become who you are (2016)

The film ‘Hard to become who you are’


In the film eight young people go by train through Europe and the Arab world in the past, the present and the future. They want to know who they are and it’s hard fun. The film shows dilemmas of the youth of today, playing different roles as perpetrator, collaborator, by-stander, protestor and victim. They are all imprisoned by a system or an ideology such as nationalism during World War One. communism and capitalism during the Cold War and the liberal economic system in the Crisis (2008-). The viewer can identify himself with the actors, including their fears and hopes, cleverness and stupidity as well as their (ir)responsibilities. Almost 25 years after ‘The Wave’, the film ‘Hard to become who you are’ is in the air, a story of 8 youngsters from Europe and the Arab world. The source of inspiration are the meetings with young people and their teachers during the previous 43 years. This film may also be compared with the series ´Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter´ about five youngsters during World War Two. Drs. Wim Kratsborn (director, scriptwriter and producer).


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