the european multiple choice identity project
Welcome to To-Gatherland
Map-To-gatherlandTo-Gatherland was founded in 2006 as a European KA4-project and transformed in 2011 into an international private company for young people in Europe and the Arab world. It’s hard to become who you are but you may go on a passion driven learning journey, search the unknown and develop a ‘multiple choice identity’ by learning together.The learning landscape consists of the film and the book ‘Hard to become who you are’, learning routes with didactic material, songs, post-digital design and video-clips of To-Gather-Festivals. As you travel through To-Gatherland you will be guided by the members of the To-Gather-Family and don’t forget:
‘It’s not on the map but the destination of all
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Wim Kratsborn presents



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 To-Gather is

Duo-shirtLike the wind, strong and blowing
Like a river always flowing
Like the sun, shining for free
Full of emotion and empathy
About knowing
About where we’re going?
Not talking about the weather
Respecting the other forever
Not about fortune and fame
A book, a film, music and a game
Against evil in a human’s heart
For youngsters to be smart
Like love and it’s true
About me and you

(Wim Kratsborn, 13-9-2014)