the european multiple choice identity project
New presentation

The new presentation ‘To-Gatherland Festival 2022’  is ready for sharing.


The metaphor of the new presentation of To-Gather is a music festival. Together with 9 youngsters you may internalize 5 future turning points through music, images, film and information.  The turning points are audiolised in 5 tents related to the new economy, the new technology, isms, the past that’s no history and human rights (refugees). Also scenes from the film ‘Hard to become whoyou are’ are visualised. It’s about informal, brain based, blended and passion driven learning. Music is telling the story and the turning points are audiolised by Underworld, The Cure, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Blaudzun, Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd, Avicii and Muse. The audience fills in on the poster ‘Headlines’ what’s going on in their brain. The aim is to gather knowledge, insights and attitudes and to become who they are. At the end of the presentation they write their future plans on post-its and place it on the big poster ‘The Butterfly Touch’. It’s learning by doing. See you soon!