the european multiple choice identity project
‘It’s education stupid’

The last 100 years all kind of powers tried to influence and control the human brain and especially the young one. Extreme ideas were internalized and school was the place to do it.

Let’s give a short overview. Before and during World War One nationalism was the poisoned apple in paradise, that caused the traumatic event with millions of dead young people. In World War Two the ideology of national-socialism was also educated to youngsters, the ‘Hitler Jugend’. They became Hitler’s willing executioners. During the Cold War communism indoctrinated young people to become dedicated followers of the SED-Party. But also nowadays young people are brainwashed  by ISIS in schools or on the internet. It’s a success-story because 40000 fighters from more than 110 countries went to Syria and Iraq, but now 30% of the European fighters are back home. It’s clear that ISIS has lost the war for the caliphate, but 2000 boys between 9 and 15 years have learned to kill.

Is it possible to heal the brain-damage and to become a democratic citizen? The only way is by education in a passion-driven , empathic, inter-active and realistic learning style. Before  they can integrate in society, they should really prove that they are and behave like a democratic ‘multiple choice identity’. A ‘Multiple Choice Test’ is not enough.